Who Publishes Book Reviews?  
      It might not seem true to a writer seeking reviews for a new book, but plenty of print journals, on-line journals, and dedicated book bloggers publish book reviews. But it could be a problem to find the right reviewers for a particular book.
     Some review publishers want to write their own reviews, others are open to submissions of reviews, and still others are willing to publish reviews already published elsewhere. Almost all will accept books for reviewing, though sending a book is hardly a guarantee that someone will review the book. 
      Some journal editors, such as the ones at Library Journal, will not consider writing a review unless they have a copy several months before it is published. Many seldom review books from small and university presses, though their websites might not state such a policy.
     Rather than simply mailing a copy, it would be wise to email the book review person at a journal or blog, briefly describe your book, give the publisher, release date, and ISBN, then offer to send a copy.
     Book reviewers can be difficult to locate. We at Writing Texas are open to suggestions from our readers and TACWT members. Currently we have two lists that will be of use to those wanting their books reviewed as well as to those wanting to publish reviews.

1. Carol Smallwood's extensive list is a good place to start looking for the right publication.

2. A list compiled from suggestions by writers publishing with Lamar University Press and Ink Brush Press might also be helpful.

Below is the beginning of what I hope to be a long list of other places that publish book reviews of books from small, indie, and university presses. If you discover such a journal or blog, please send me the basic information so I can share it here.

We publish reviews of small press, independents, university, alternative, arts, and cooperative press books on a variety of subjects and in a variety of genres-- literary, arts, history, politics, science, music, children's literature, popular culture." More on the above webpage.

         reviews of books by for and about women; also check their Awards for books by women: