The Best from Texas Creative Writing Professors and Their Students

The Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers (TACWT) is a community of secondary and higher education teachers and professors, workshop facilitators, students, and individual writers. We focus on supporting and encouraging literary arts in Texas. For more information, go to the official TACWT website:

Professors of creative writing in Texas are publishing and award-winning writers of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.
     Writing Texas features the best of their new writing each year as well as outstanding creative writing from their students. 

Those members wishing to submit graphic images of items typically Texan should contact us. We can consider both color and B&W. We are especially interested in images for future covers.

Volume 1
The first issue, e
dited by Julie Chappell and Marilyn Robitaille: the best of the fiction, poetry, and nonfiction presented on the TCU campus in Fort Worth.

contents of Vol 1

Volume 2
Edited by Moumin Quazi
Best of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction
presented during the Dallas meeting of TACWT.

contents of Vol 2 

Volume 3
edited by Lyman Grant
Best of Literary works presented during the  
meeting in Galveston, Texas.
It also includes photographs and artwork by TACWT members.

Volume 4
Edited by Lyman Grant
Best of Literary Works presented during the 
meeting in San Antonio, Texas

Volume 5
Edited by Terry Dalrymple
Best of Literary Works presented during the TACWT meeting in San Antonio, Texas